Steak & Eggs, Parsnips, not Potatoes

Every once in a while, I do it up.  This morning I had a breakfast meeting and needed to impress a few business partners.  Not really, but it sounds fun.  After all, I can see the Hollywood sign from my yard.  A sale on filet at the butcher, a couple of eggs, parsnips instead of potatoes and that crunchy okra I told you about earlier, all live up to a beautiful breakfast.  From a presentation standpoint, there’s nothing more beautiful than a filet next to a bright sunny egg yolk.  Let’s talk about parsnips.  One of my guests didn’t know what he was eating but said if I told him ahead of time, he would have passed.  Parsnips have a much lighter glycemic load than a potato and a lot fewer carbs.  Also, we tend to eat a larger potion of potato, when it’s available.  Parsnips are a root vegetable that I rely on whenever I want a heavier vegetable.  They roast very nicely with a little olive oil at 400 degrees, in 15 minutes.  If you’re concerned about blood sugars, parsnips and other root vegetables are a great option to consider in your daily diet.


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