Beets are better than bagels!

It’s the weekend. I know you’ve had a busy week but you may have more time on Saturday than a weekday.  Maybe you can put more effort into your meals on the weekend.  Root vegetables are a big part of my paleo diet.  Today I used beets.  They are a much better choice for carbs and fiber against your morning bagel, which usually comes with loads of sodium.  Beets also provide vitamin C and potassium.  Retailers are starting to catch on to the demand for better food.  I found these pre-packaged, steamed beets at Costco.  Ingredient list:  beets.   No added salt, sugar or preservatives.  They come vacuum packed and refrigerated.  I sliced them down, added a handful of arugula and grilled a chicken breast.  Yes, this was my breakfast, post 5 mile run through Griffith Park.  My body was starving for the nutrients so it was perfect timing.  This meal could easily serve as your lunch or dinner, too, so give it a try any time of he day.


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