Egg Whites and Papaya

I love egg whites.  I love fruit.  Put them together for a traditional breakfast.  I also had a handful of walnuts this morning.  I usually separate three fresh eggs for the whites, but once in a great while I’ll have a whole egg with two additional whites.  Feel free to add spinach, mushroom, onion or all three.  Other fruits I enjoy are cantaloupe, blueberries, strawberries, banana, watermelon, honeydew.  Sometimes I’ll have a medley of fruits and nuts.  I eat as much as I want at breakfast because I know I have a huge day ahead.  I do limit the nuts to an ounce or two simply because of the higher fat content.  Yes, I still drink decaf coffee.  It’s the only non-paleo food I still have.  I’m waiting for the day when an herbal tea will do the trick but like any decision about eliminating a food from your diet, awareness is half the battle.  I came from two cups a day to one, then to half-caf, quarter-caf and now decaf.  It’s a process.  Set your goals and work toward them.

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